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The South West Academy of Sport (SWAS) Tennis program, proudly supported by Tennis Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Sport, provides coaching, training and education sessions designed to compliment athlete’s daily and weekly training environment with their local private coach – through the provision of both on and off court activities. The program aims to bring together the most talented junior players in the South West region.

SWAS Tennis Program Structure

The tennis program is structured to deliver training days and local hitting sessions over the program period. Each session combines on-court activities with sport science and personal development activities off the court. The training days are scheduled to avoid Tennis Victoria’s “Player Support Program” sessions (which is a further compliment to an athlete’s daily and weekly training environment of private coaching) as well as avoid Regional Teams events.

The program does not replace an athlete's existing coach.  This program is designed to work with existing coaches to develop the match-play ability of athletes, in preparation for Tennis Victoria's National Development Squad (State Development Program, State Team Representation, Regional Zone Squad or Regional Academy).

Head Coach

Nathan Isles - Professional Tennis Coach​

Indicative Costs

New Athlete  $470 inc GST

Returning Athlete $420 inc GST

Please note that we are currently reviewing our program delivery for 2024. 

As such, not all benefits listed may be implemented in 2024.

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Benefits to athletes selected in SWAS:

  • 2x inter-academy tournaments against the Limestone Regional Academy of Sport and the Tennis Victoria Inter-Academy Challenge. 

  • Musculoskeletal screening – conducted by qualified Exercise Physiologists to guide S&C programming and sports specific training 

  • Access to strength and conditioning sessions in a facility in the athlete’s shire over the course of the program, sessions are ran by qualified strength and conditioning coaches 

  • Education sessions delivered by industry professionals- including injury prevention, recovery, nutrition, sports psychology and specific much more 

  • S&C programs are built and delivered through the TeamBuildr app. 

  • Skill development and planning with accredited coaches 

  • Sports science fitness testing used to inform S&C and sports specific training over the course of the program 

  • Practical and online sessions that develop the “whole of an athlete’ both in and out of competition – a sport/school/life balance, leadership, goal setting, development of support structures and systems

  • SWAS will support state and national athletes for travel and accommodation to tournaments subject to funding from the Victorian Government Pathway Travel Grant

SWAS Tennis Program Selection Criteria

The SWAS Tennis program will cater for developing and emerging athletes in the 11-15 age groups (*approx age groups). The program services up to 16 athletes with final numbers dependent upon trial results and competency against the selection criteria.

  1. Be an existing member of a Tennis Victoria affiliated club in the South West, or Tennis Victoria directly.

  2. Have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

  3. Have reached a satisfactory standard of play based on current player rankings and/or performance at local tournaments and regional events.


Hear from our previous coach Doug Hill talk about the SWAS Tennis program.

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