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Please note that SWAS is currently reviewing its programming for 2024.


The aim of the SWAS Strength and Conditioning (S&C) program is to highlight S&C as both a performance enhancing and injury prevention measure.

Each athlete program is based on the needs of the sport with consideration to athlete age and ability, current training load and competition period of that sport.

The S&C coaches use information from musculo-skeletal screenings, fitness tests and feedback from athletes to develop and monitor athletes programs.  This coordinated approach encourages the delivery of a safe program.

No S&C sessions are run over school holidays or on public holidays.

Athletes are able to access the following gym venues at a designated time for supervised strength and conditioning sessions.

Warrnambool (Momentum Fitness) 

Portland (PLAC) 

Camperdown (Infinite Health Co.) 

Terang (Terang Recreation Centre) 

Hamilton (HILAC) 

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