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**Please Note**

Some of these resources are years old and may not reflect best practices today. Remember to cross-check and confirm information with up-to-date resources.

All of the resources you find here are not to be shared with the public and are only available to SWAS members during their time with SWAS.

Presentations, Recipe Ideas, & Food for Thought

Past Presentations

Nutrition for High Performance Athletes - Ilana Jorgensen

2021 - Owner of EatFit Nutrition and Dietician Ilana talks to our athletes about the importance of fuelling our bodies correctly for performance. 

Ilana offers a discount to SWAS athletes, get in contact with her by clicking here.

Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 5.23.15 pm.png

Netball Vic Nutrition - Kylie Andrews

Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 5.31.12 pm.png

2022 - VIS Nutritionist, Kylie Andrews speaks to our 2022 netball athletes about the challenges of eating well and how best to attack nutrition in training, on the road, at games, and during tournaments 

Nutrition Webinar - Jessica Rothwell 

2020 - VIS Dietician, Jessica Rothwell speaks about her journey, how to formulate a balanced athlete diet, how our body uses energy, and much, much more!

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Australia’s peak professional body for dietitians specialising in sports nutrition.  This website also includes Factsheets and Recipes, however we recommend that any change to diet is first discussed with a qualified Sport Dietitian.

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