Each SWAS Sport Program provides sport specific practical training and competition opportunities for athletes. These sessions are of an elite standard and are conducted by a specialist coach of either State or National level.
The format for each sport’s practical program is developed to service the needs of the specific sport and each athlete, while complimenting their training and competition loads.

The Athlete Education Program provides personal and sporting development opportunities to athletes through a series of workshops relevant to the holistic development of highly talented athletes.
The aim of the program is to assist athletes in achieving their full potential through the education and practical application of balance in sport and life.

Nutrition is one of the major factors which influence the body's ability to perform athletically. To perform at their best, our athletes need to be well fuelled. This means eating a nutritious and well balanced diet on a daily basis, preparing for training sessions and recovering afterwards by eating a combination of the right foods and fluids.
SWAS Dieticians work towards educating athletes on various elements of their diet that may enhance their performance.

SWAS athletes are provided access to services that generate awareness of the physical load that is placed on their young bodies.  These services are often delivered through the Athlete Education sessions, in order ot help athletes prepare mentally as well as physically for training, recovery and competition.

The physical attributes required to perform at an elite level are only of benefit if our athletes have the accompanying mental preparedness.  SWAS delivers a holistic program that covers a range of topics such as mental fitness, building resilience, the importance of routines, sleep and mindfulness.


The aim of the SWAS Strength and Conditioning (S&C) program is to educate athletes on the importance of S&C as both a performance enhancing and injury prevention measure.
Sessions address the components of fitness specific to that sport and take into consideration the development level of the athlete, current training load and competition period of that sport.
Sessions are delivered in five location across the region; Warrnambool, Terang, Camperdown, Hamilton and Portland.