The Victorian Regional Academies of Sport (VRAS) is the peak sporting body of regional Victoria.  VRAS Academies provide high performance services to support aspiring athletes to achieve success in their sporting pathway.

VRAS is an incorporation of six Victorian Regional Academies of Sport that all provide the vital support services that the talented sporting youth throughout regional Victoria require. These services are provided with direct program links with the Victorian Institute of Sport.



SWAS is one of six (6) regional academies within VRAS, the other academies in the network include:


All VRAS Academies are community-based organisations that have established comprehensive programs to provide talented regional athletes with access to coaching and education programs of excellence, assisting them to reach their full sporting and professional potential and enhance their access to pathways to State and National representation. They assist in the identification and nurturing of young athletes.

By providing these programs and services athletes are given the opportunity to bridge the gap between club and elite levels. Considerable effort is focused on overcoming possible disadvantages faced by regional athletes, such as a smaller quantity of local resources and greater travelling time/distances. Together the regional academies of sport are working to make regional Victoria areas of sporting excellence.

What do they do?

  • Identify talented athletes and provide opportunities for them to achieve excellence in sport

  • Promote, enhance and encourage the personal and educational development of talented young athletes

  • Promote and develop research in sport

  • Enhance the quality of administering, officiating and coaching sport in regional Victoria

  • Promote and organise competition and events for the purpose of developing the skills and experience of the talented athletes in the region

  • Provide access to top level coaching, training facilities, medical and sport science to give athletes the best chance of reaching their potential

  • Conduct programs which optimise fitness and skills, improve responsiveness in competitive situations and encourage a balance between the athletes physical and personal development

  • Facilitate coaching forums

By providing programs and services to breach the gap between club and elite levels, we aim to assist athletes to develop to high levels of performance and success in their lives. We achieve this, by the pooling of resources, delivery of expert coaching and training that is supplemented by sports science and support services.