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The South West Academy of Sport APEX Program  (Advancing Performance to Enhance eXcellence) is designed to support high performing athletes who are well progressed in their pathway, through an athlete management process.


As APEX athletes have specific and personalised needs to enhance their performance trajectory, SWAS supports APEX athletes through examination of their current training and competitive load, their goals, their perceived limitations, and subsidising their access to personalised services.

SWAS APEX athletes are required to achieve three behavioural or educational milestones to access their desired services.

A limited number of positions exist in the APEX program and therefore the criteria to enter the program is more stringent than the SWAS ASCEND Program.

Applications may be received by SWAS at any time of the year, however a waitlist may be required if the APEX program is at full capacity.

If you are unsure if the APEX program is right for you, we urge you to get in touch with SWAS. 

Download the APEX prospectus below for information on the program.

Applications are open via the link below.

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