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​The Athlete Education Program provides personal and sporting development opportunities to athletes through a series of workshops relevant to the holistic development of highly talented athletes.

The aim of the program is to assist athletes in achieving their full potential through the education and practical application of balance in sport and life. SWAS places a strong emphasis on utilising the highly knowledgeable and experienced pool of expert presenters that exist within the South West region with additional guidance and guest speakers from the Victorian Institute of Sport and industry leaders in their field.


A national organisation that combined ASADA, the National Integrity of Sport Unit and the integrity functions of Sport Australia. 

SIA has a wide array of functions that focus around clean and fair sport. These include; monitoring, updating and testing for use of prohibited substances, the safeguarding of children in sport at all levels, and elimination of bullying, intimidation, discrimination and harassment in Australian sporting environments.

As a Regional Sports Academy, the SWAS is governed by State and National bodies and it is a requirement that all athletes have a thorough understanding of Sports Integrity Australia and drugs in sport.

it is an expectation of SWAS athletes to have complete the following eModules ran by SIA. 

  • Clean Sport 101

  • Anti-Doping Fundamentals 

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