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Core Services: Services

SWAS, at its core, provides athlete education to develop personal and sporting attributes through a series of workshops.  Whilst there are four key pillars that do not change year to year, different facilitators present different aspects relevant to the overall development of our athletes.

These sessions may be delivered face-to-face or online.  Most face-to-face sessions will occur on a Sunday to allow for travel for guest presenters.  SWAS aims to provide athletes with the tools and knowledge to achieve their full potential in sport and life.

Nutrition is one of the major factors which influence the body's ability to perform athletically. 

SWAS sessions may focus on one or all of;

- preparing for competition

- what to eat during a tournament

- recovery foods

- hydration

- what is food made up of and how does our body use it (protein, carbohydrate etc)

- practical recipes

It is important for our athletes (and parents/guardians!) to understand that good nutrition happens everyday.  A nutritious and well balanced diet on a daily basis will assist athletes in preparing for training sessions and recovering afterwards.

SWAS dietitians work towards educating athletes on various elements of their diet that may enhance their performance.

SWAS athletes are provided access to services that generate awareness of the physical load that is placed on their bodies.  These sessions are important to help athletes "connect the dots" on why they need to undertake physical preparation and be aware of recovery techniques to gain an advantage in their sport. 

It is also beneficial for parents/guardians to be aware of the changing landscape of recovery techniques, monitoring for soreness or injury, and appropriate treatment options for common injuries.

The physical attributes required to perform at an elite level are only of benefit if our athletes have the accompanying mental preparedness.  Whilst the field of sport psychology is immense, SWAS aims to address different aspects each year to provide a variety of useful tools to athletes.

Some of the topics that may be covered in any particular year may include;

-  mental fitness,

-  building resilience,

-  understanding stress,

-  the importance of routines,

-  sleep hygiene,

-  mindfulness,

-  music therapy.

These variety of topics aim to serve the myriad situations that athletes may experience in the lead up to, during and post event/match/tournament, as well as in their daily lives.


As athletes, parents/guardians and administrators, we all have a role to play in the safeguarding the integrity of sport.  SWAS athletes are educated on their legal duties through Sport Integrity Australia presentations, and are asked to complete learning modules found on the Play By The Rules website.  This includes a yearly update which describes any changes for those who have previously completed the modules.


The aim of the SWAS Strength and Conditioning (S&C) program is to develop athlete understanding on the importance  of body conditioning as a performance enhancing and injury prevention measure.

During school term, SWAS athletes attend a designated gym and are guided by their SWAS strength and conditioning coach, who works with the athlete to develop a plan that is considerate of their age, gender, sport(s), experience, peak performance periods and de-training. 


Where a partnership exists with the State or National peak sporting body, SWAS provides sport specific training opportunities for athletes.  These sessions are not designed to replace club or private coaching, but to compliment or enhance it.  
The format for each sport’s practical program is determined in conjunction with the SSA or NSO, and is acknowledged as part of that sport's high performance pathway in regional areas.

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