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Max Fahey Finishes 12th in the second round of the Victorian Championships

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This weekend Max Fahey raced at Todd Rd in the 2nd round of the Victorian Championship.

He has never been to this track before and learnt a lot.

Over the weekend Max was extremely lucky to have Beau Humphrey of Central Vic Karts & Parts, setting up the kart all weekend and coaching him to drive the track.

Max Qualified 16th

Heat 1: Max was going ok moving into 15th but on lap for mad a mistake and went sliding into the kitty litter on turn one, giving him a DNF

Heat 2: Was a bit of a rough race with one driver giving Max a tap on the last lap sending him off drive line, he went onto finish 15th

Heat 3: Max started out of 18th and worked hard to finish 16th

Heat 4: Max started out 16th on a slippery track, Max worked his way up to 13th, and on last lap max went for a dive to pass a kart in which they made contact, resulting in Max finishing 15th.

Final: Max started out 18th, after a great start max quickly moved into 13th, and by lap 3 was in 12th, max was challenged by a couple of other drivers for his position and continued to hang onto it, at lap 9 a full course yellow came out for the next 2 laps, on lap 11 a red light was brought on due to a driver injuring himself, and the race was declared.

Finishing 12th out of a field of 20, in the final was a great result for Max due to it being the first time on this track.

Max said “Thanks to all that called past our pits and supported us over the weekend. We really appreciate all the support, time, mentoring Beau has put in over the weekend, both you and Kirsty are great people to be racing with, we look forward to many weekends away racing under the Central Vic Karts & Parts banner.”

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