The South West Academy of Sport (SWAS) 2020 Surfing program, proudly supported by Surfing Victoria, the Glenelg Shire, the Portland Boardriders Club and the Victorian Institute of Sport, provides coaching, training, competition support and education sessions designed to compliment athlete’s daily and weekly training environment.

The program is designed to expose surfers to skills testing and training, new challenges and opportunities, and to compliment any lessons/training they are receiving or have received.

Program Structure

The program involves a mixture of technical coaching, sport specific training and competition program, group training camps, competition support and access to information for athletes.


The Surfing squad program will run from February  to December 2020

Coaches/ Program Manager

Paul White

Adam Robertson (Surfing Victoria)

Benefits to athletes selected in SWAS:

  • 6 Surfing Camps – 4 in some of the best locations across the South West and 2 weekends in Torquay with Surfing Victoria Coach, Adam Roberston.

  • Access to Surf Better Now – Surf Better Now provides the most experienced and knowledgeable surf coaching team in Australia and provide valuable coaching experiences from Intermediate to Advanced Surfers.

  • Surfers Rescue 24/7 Course – Surfers Rescue 24/7 is a CPR and board rescue course for all surfers.

  • Tournament and competition support at identified Junior Tour tournaments.

  • Video Analysis.

  • SWAS Rashie.

  • IAP Musculoskeletal Screening – with a qualified Physiotherapist to guide all future development.

  • Year Long Weekly Strength & Conditioning Sessions – with a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach* (*please note all our strength and conditioning coaches hold an Exercise Science Degree).

  • Injury Prevention & Recovery, Support and Education – designed and delivered by industry experts.

  • Sports Psychology Sessions – with a qualified Sports Psychologist.

  • Skill Development Assistance – with qualified Coaches.

  • 12 month Gym membership – for athlete’s free and personal use to support their athletic pursuits.

  • Sports Science Testing & Education – including; speed, agility, stability, power, & further sport specific tests.

  • Personal Development & Education – including; Leadership, Supportive Athletic Routine, Self-Awareness, Problem Solving, Effective Time Management.

  • Professional Development & Education – including; Sports Nutrition, Physical Literacy, Effective Communication, Self-Marketing & Branding, Media Training· ‘

  • Ongoing Access to SWAS’s Medical Support Network – as trusted and recommended by SWAS.

  • Professional Certification Opportunities – i.e. First Aid Certificate, Online Education Platforms: Sport Relevant, etc.

  • Athlete Wellness Monitoring – supporting and monitoring athlete’s daily professional physical load and personal mental wellbeing in aid of daily health management and crisis aversion and identification.

SWAS Surfing Program Selection Criteria

The SWAS 2020 Surfing program services up to 16 athletes with final numbers dependent upon results and competency against the selection criteria. 

  1. Be an existing member of a Surfing Victoria affiliated club in the South West
  2. Have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn
  3. Have reached a satisfactory skills standard, based on current player rankings and/or performance at local tournaments and regional events.








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