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SWAS Shooting Results and Update March & April 2017


Sara Kosch, Harry Clark and Jordain Patterson achieved their National 50 tgt Break Badge and Daniel Demassi achieved his National 50, 75 & 100 tgt Break Badges.

Daniel Hawtin

  1. 1st C Grade 50 tgt Double Barrel

  2. 2nd  C Grade 100 tgt Points Score

Harry Clark

  1. 2nd A Grade 100 tgt Points Score

Daniel Demassi

  1. 2nd Sub Junior 75  tgt Champion of Champions

  2. 3rd Sub Junior 50 pair (100 tgt) Double Rise

Penny Smith   

  1. 3rd Handicap off 24m

  2. 1st AA Grade Double Barrel – score 366/366 which made her also 2nd overall

  3. 1st Overall Women’s Double Barrel

  4. Member of Women’s Mackintosh Team

  5. Team B Women’s World Championship member

Sara Kosch

  1. Olympic Endeavour Award : An award given to the best U18 female shooter in the Double, Single Barrel and Points Score events.


Colac March Monthly Shoot

Sara Kosch

  1. 50 tgt Point Score 1st A grade 150/150, Double Barrel 50/50  – Perfect score for the day 200/200  –  Overall Junior High Gun Sash, Overall Ladies High Gun Sash , Overall A Grade High Gun Sash and Overall High Gun for the day


Werribee Monthly Sunday Shoot

Sara Kosch

  1. 1st AA Grade Victorian State Single Barrel Continental (she beat her father and another Noorat member in a shoot off)

Hay Easter Shoot

Ethan Domney  

  1. 100 & 150 target Break Badges

Myamin Easter Monday Shoot

Jordain Paterson

  1. Overall Double Barrel

Sara Kosch

  1. 2nd AA Grade Double Barrel

SWZ 100 target Ball Trap

Daniel Demasi

  1. 1st B Grade

Ethan Domney

  1. 2nd C Grade

Daniel Damassi was selected to represent the South West Zone later in the year as part of a 5 person team.

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