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Spotlight on Harry and Tom Clark

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Ages: Harry 16 years, Tom 13 years.

So guys, Today we focus on your amazing success at the recent Australian Clay Target Association National Titles in Roma, Queensland.

Leading up to a major meet like the one you have just been to do you do anything differently in your preparations? We try to shoot as many local events leading up to the competition.

How many years have you been involved in clay target?

Harry 4 years

Tom 12 months.

Now tell me, is there a rivalry between the two of you? Yes there is. There is always bragging rights up for grabs.

Do you ever get grumpy at each other? Do you find it easier, or harder having a sibling that does the same disciplines as you?

Yes we get grumpy at each other if we are in the same squad standing next to each other competing. For Tom it is easier because he has been watching Harry for several years.

Do you get to travel a lot? Yes we do. We have just returned from Roma in Queensland where we both competed at the National Titles.

Earlier this year we competed at the Tasmanian State Titles and in November the Victorian State Titles.

Are your competitions mostly local or does it involve going to many different places /states to compete? We compete most weekends at local competitions in preparation for major competitions.

Where has your favourite competition been so far? Our favourite competition is Roma Queensland for the National Titles.

With the recent Championships, what did they involve? It involved competing for 6 days over 6 different events and the last 3 events were qualifying for representing Australia at the World Championships in England.

How many people were you up against?

There were 450 plus people competing.

Were they all the same age? Or is there a big range in age groups?

The ages of competitors ranged from 12 to 92 years old!

Can you let someone who may never have been involved in clay target shooting, help to understand what it involves. What do you do at a local level to become involved?

Clay Target Shooting involves shooting a target from a shot gun thrown from a trap that oscillates and the shooter has no idea which direction the target is going. The target is travelling at approximately 64 kilometres an hour.

At local level it involves turning up at a local Club, express interest and someone will assist you.

Where to from here? What are your long term aspirations? Harry – to take shooting as far as I possibly can and to represent Victoria. Tom – to shoot 50/50 and improve my grade.

Where is your next competition? Our next competitions are local in preparation for the Victorian State Championships in November in Echuca.

Is your school supportive of your training/ competition? Do you do any events that are through your school or is it only from your club?

Monivae College conducts Clay Target Shooting as part of their extra-curricular activities in Term Three. We compete in 4 School Competitions during this time.

Does competition go all year round? Yes, you could compete nearly every day of the week if you wanted to.

Do you think living in the country helped or made it harder to become good at your sport? Being in the country you get to shoot in a lot of different local competitions in different places against a wide variety of shooters.

If you could give one bit of advice to someone who wants to get involved in clay target, what would it be? Push yourself as hard as you can, do your best and enjoy it.

Who are you heroes? Harry – Russel Mark, Phil Grainger and Bill Isles. Tom – Alan Pollack, Roger Duthie, Gavin Height and Sandy Ellis.

Is there someone in your sport that you particularly want to emulate? Harry – Darryn Nichols Tom – Alan Pollack

What are your long term goals? Harry – To represent Australia Tom – to get into a Victorian team.

Is there anyone you would like to Thank or mention that has made a difference to your sporting career?

We would like to thank our Parents for supporting and encouraging us through our Shooting journey.

Thank you so much for your time! We look forward to following your progress!

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