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Local sporting leader assists Sports Academy development

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Warrnambool’s Emma Bellman has taken up the position of Administration and Athlete Liaison Officer at the South West Academy of Sport (SWAS). SWAS is the peak sporting body of South West Victoria, delivering high performance services and education for aspiring athletes and providing direct pathways for sporting success. Emma will bring her experience as an international athlete, sports leader and coach to this position. Her new role will enable her to assist and connect with local athletes to achieve their training and event aspirations.

Emma will be liaising with athletes and coaches while also managing the new myAISbasecamp program. SWAS is the only Victorian Regional Academy of Sport to be using this program. The myAISbasecamp program provides the Academy with the ability to link athletes from the region to resources, programs and coaches from both the Australian Institute of Sport and the Victorian Institute of Sport.

“I am really pleased to be taking on this position, I believe it’s extremely important for all athletes to have an avenue to achieve their best in their chosen sport and myAISbasecamp is a great program for athletes to build on their training and stay motivated” Bellman said.

Emma’s experiences in being a regional based sport aerobics athlete and coach at a world level has shown her the importance of being able to network and access world class training and education programs. Bellman believes “Having a service such as SWAS and connections to the AIS and programs such as myAISbasecamp is a huge asset to our local athletes”

Throughout her role at SWAS Emma endeavors to maximize athlete’s access to the academy and continue to develop the services to meet the regions athlete’s needs. Interested athletes and coaches can contact Emma at the SWAS office, 5564 8567.

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