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Where a partnership exists with the State or National peak sporting body, SWAS provides sport specific training opportunities for athletes.  These sessions are not designed to replace club or private coaching, but to compliment or enhance it.  
The format for each sport’s practical program is determined in conjunction with the SSA or NSO, and is acknowledged as part of that sport's high performance pathway in regional areas.

SWAS may be able to assist athletes with referrals to medical providers who may offer benefits such as priority access or discounted consultation rates.

With the expansion of tele-health, SWAS may refer to practitioners who reside outside of the south west region.  In some instances, SWAS may be able to connect athletes with personnel from the VIS or other leading sporting organisations.  Athletes may consider the type of assistance they require in the fields of physiotherapists, sports doctors, sports psychologists, massage therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors, dieticians and diagnostic imaging.

Nutrition is one of the major factors which influence the body's ability to perform athletically. 

SWAS sessions may focus on one or all of;

- preparing for competition

- what to eat during a tournament

- recovery foods

- hydration

- what is food made up of and how does our body use it (protein, carbohydrate etc)

- practical recipes

It is important for our athletes (and parents/guardians!) to understand that good nutrition happens everyday.  A nutritious and well balanced diet on a daily basis will assist athletes in preparing for training sessions and recovering afterwards.

SWAS dietitians work towards educating athletes on various elements of their diet that may enhance their performance.


As athletes, parents/guardians and administrators, we all have a role to play in the safeguarding the integrity of sport.  SWAS athletes are educated on their legal duties through Sport Integrity Australia presentations, and are asked to complete learning modules found on the Play By The Rules website.  This includes a yearly update which describes any changes for those who have previously completed the modules.


SWAS provides all athletes with a general conditioning program that is able to be completed in the comfort of their own home.  Those with access to a home or commercial gym may request a more advanced program suitable to the equipment available.

Sports Psychology involves the study of how our mental processes can affect our sporting performance and behaviour. Using a variety of techniques and strategies, a professional can support you to increase your awareness and control of these mental processes, which can minimize the negative effect they can have on your performance and well-being.

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